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Simple Gifts

by Sandra Ballentine New York Times' TMagazine 2009 Spring Travel Issue
Claudia Schwartz, the owner of San Francisco's Bell'occhio (“beautiful eye” in Italian), presides over one of the most stylish general stores in the country, where even mundane-seeming objects–string, cards, boxes, chocolates, toiletries and cleaning tools–can be magical.

Gifts for Hard Cases

by Joyce Wadler and Penelope Green New York Times December 3, 2008
For design snobs with children, Ms. Needleman chose Blackboard Oilcloth, from It can be made into a tablecloth (although the design snob will have to have someone sew the corners so it doesn't fall off). It is perfect for chalk-driven art projects, which can be wiped off with a sponge, after which it looks clean and smart.

24 Hours in San Francisco

by Martha Stewart The Martha Blog June 24, 2008
My favorite tiny shop for creative things in San Francisco is Bell'occhio.
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