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Our desire was to create a bouquet of rarefied perfumes evocative of the past, singular fragrances with quiet tones-delicate, intimate, raffinée. From Grasse, bottled on Brady in classic Parisian bottles with hand inscribed letterpress labels.

Bergamotte, our most esoteric perfume is a single note essence expressed from the peel of the citrus Bergamia from the Southern part of Reggio Calabria. An intensely aromatic scent, bergamot is an essential component of Earl Grey tea and the perfume has an intriguing. soothing effect.

Fleur d’oranger is a delicate, flowery scent often associated with nuptial crowns & bouquets.

Muguet, our lily of the valley is the most faithful perfume rendition of our favorite Spring flower that we have ever encountered.

Violette M.A. combines the essences of violet, amber, myrhh & frankincense, in a formula created by the perfumer to Marie Antoinette. This blend enhances the woodsy aspect of wild violets.

  • Bell’occhio Violette M.A. Parfum 7ml: $85.00 – Currently Unavailable
  • Bell’occhio Bergamotte Parfum 7ml: $85.00 – Currently Unavailable
  • Bell’occhio Fleur d’oranger Parfum 7ml: $85.00 – Currently Unavailable
  • Bell’occhio Muguet Parfum 7ml: $95.00 – Currently Unavailable
  • Bell'occhio Mimosa Parfum 7ml: $85.00

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